Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reactionaries Never Change Anything

If they'd spotted this eventuality in 2002 like we did here on Vault-Co it is possible there would be a different outcome.

Raising the alarm now is like waiting until a home fire has burned down 3 of 4 stories before calling the fire department. It's too late to do any good.

Autonomous fighting machines are going to be a huge part of the third World War and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. These talking heads are very slow to see natural implications of new technology. I wish Vault-Co 1.0 archive was still online so I could link to my very first article on the coming Terminators from 2002.

I honestly believe the elites intend to clean up the stragglers like me they don't get with nukes. They're planning on putting these into the post-apocalyptic environment and just waiting, figuring the last 2% will have to come out sooner or later. They're wrong. We will work on these critters from the safety of a vault if they are up there and sooner or later we will get around them or take them out of commission. They'll rust away and run down before we do. I know embedded devices well enough to have seen this coming and I know they fail sooner rather than later.

What worries me is the thought of a maintenance center and 3D-printing lathe for replacement parts which is also manned by robots using an atomic pile for energy. That's pretty scary right there. All they do is sit around all day figuring out how to get into that vault. With any luck they'll all be running on Windows CE. A single GPF on a divide-by-zero operation and the building goes up in flames.

Note to Self : Make sure new shelter entrance is situated at the "0,0" corner of a quadrant. If they try to plot it on a map the atomic pile melts down and turns the robo-maintenance center into a molten slag crater. They compiled it for release and forgot all the asserts vanished. Luckily for us our map server is running Mex Arcane's FAULT-OS and has built in checks for all common floating point exceptions. It takes an Australopithecine to think of these things. I'm getting tired I better go to sleep before I add any more stupid jokes to this post.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Kwanstainia Would Fare Well In WW3

Against Paraguay or Greece. Maybe Maine. The rest of the planet, not so much.

They'd need to get weapons that don't shake apart like cheap toys from China.

Trust The Elites

They trust you to trust them.

If it was one guy, I'd be on the fence.

If it is ten thousand billionaires all saying the same thing, it is time to realize something is afoot.

Jimmy Carter Killed The Future, Of Course

Whenever the future died, Jimmy Carter was always close by.

A start to dome living. Ruined by the Carter failure express.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vault-Co Knocks It Out Of Park Again

Our original essay on why the invasion of Taiwan would be the flashpoint for World War III was published 17 years ago back when Vault-Co was formerly known as TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT.

I had worked out the basic mechanics of the Klausewitzian game theory in my head as early as 1995 having only lived in Australia for three years.

A key point of my premise would be that in the showdown over Taiwan which would be a reactive naval blockade of the island, the single most attractive strategic move for China would be to reduce Australia to a radioactive glassed-over parking lot. The United States would react with furious condemnation and call it the greatest crime mankind had ever witnessed but the simple truth is that they would never retaliate. In one stroke, China would destroy their ability to use Australia as a staging area and fly sorties from there in an escalation. This would change the game dynamics. The United States would consider the repercussions of a full missile strike on the Western shore and the elimination of California, Washington and San Francisco and decide the cost was too high. Ideally they would then slink off and cede Taiwan to China knowing the price was too high to pay for a small island that really belonged to them anyway as the dominant world hegemon. If they instead proceeded to a war with China, Russia would enter under their mutual defense pact and the United States would be destroyed overnight. Try running the scenarios through your head a couple hundred times, you will always see the outcomes are fairly similar with the two important forks being America using common sense or ignoring common sense.

Either way, Australia will end up as a gigantic 3000 mile wide charcoal birdbath. The Australian refusal to maintain even a token nuclear reprisal sealed their doom decades ago. As in chess, frequently your stupidity only becomes obvious many moves later when you get checkmated. Australians enjoy the relative bliss of being too far left on the Bell Curve to ever become cognizant of any of their mistakes. Sometimes you cannot help but envy them the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

P.S. I was thinking about how hilarious it would be with me predicting doom for the entire planet for 20 years if it just turned out to be doom for Australia. Post-Apocalyptic down here but largely unscathed everywhere else for many years under a new global empire with China. You got to admit that would be pretty classic if I was to continue Vault-Co from shortwave broadcasts describing the endless onslaught of cannibal mutants and robots and the rest of the planet was just listening in front of their PCs eating Cheezits and pretzels. "I told you all ITZ COMING! Why didn't you listen when you had the chance! Got to go! Another attack on the vault door! I will resume my updates tomorrow at noon on this frequency! You'll never take me alive, you bastards! (Sounds of gunfire, mutant death squeals)

Same Legislation Worldwide At The Same Time

America, England, UK, Australia.

All introduced mandatory vaccination legislation at the same time, backed by dozens of crippling financial penalties at all levels of society for those who refuse.

In all the legislation introduced worldwide, the specific vaccine that will be required is not mentioned because there isn't one. This is not in response to an epidemic or any evidence that there will be a plague if it isn't imposed. It doesn't specify a vaccine. It specifies the right of the government to vaccinate someone with whatever they want whenever they want however they want. Each and every bill specifically mentions the right of "healthcare" providers to administer these (?) at school without notifying the parents or asking their permission.

Hey, I think I heard about this somewhere before about 30 years ago.

Here it is. In fact, this is positively boring I have been expecting it for so long. Exactly this.

Notice how the "nuts" have models of the world that are predictive. Ordinary people are only reactive. One begins to suspect if it really is the minority who are mentally ill and the majority are the well ones. That supposition doesn't seem to fit the facts at all. They contradict it.

With an average IQ of 97 now in the Western World, one cannot help but wonder if the "average" man is capable of understanding anything at all.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

San Francisco Destined For Coral Reef Starter

Expected any day now.

The same type of impulse gratification personality that settled in San Francisco is the exact same kind of personality that will throw up buildings with low seismic ratings. Unable to think longer term it is the kind of personality always getting hoisted by its own petard from natural cycles and traditional intermittent crises that are a part of living on Planet Earth, which they never seem well adapted to.

Therefore, predictions of consequences for incurring God's wrath tend to be spectacularly accurate when gauged over extended samples of time. Whether God exists or not, the universe appears to be slanted to producing traditional biblical spectacles of the unrepentant getting their asses waxed for them.

If you asked San Franciscans if they thought it was a good idea to prepare for earthquakes, they'd tell you "We will deal with it when, if, it happens." This is what people say when they lack the capacity to foresee consequences. They try to make it sound like a virtue when in fact, it is a shortcoming. Remember, less brain is never better than more brain, ever. Big fat frontal lobes are good, holes and missing gaps in brains tend to deliver bad outcomes. There is no workaround. Also, a consensus on any subject by a large group of people with holes in their heads is worthless. One guy with a functioning amygdala to recognize hazards is worth ten million men without one.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Those Sculptures In South America

Keep watching. It is quite good.

Something overlooked because it is inconsistent with what should be true.

I think there is more than ample evidence that these sculptures warrant much deeper investigation.

Imagine how much remains undiscovered if a couple of idiots with shovels can just randomly break ground and discover this much. Unfathomable amounts of artefacts in this region.

Friday, July 17, 2015

WW3 : The Mother of All Wars

Get yourself a Vault. There is no option B. First to survive the bomb, then to survive the aftermath.

It is going to be fought with joysticks by drones, mobile platforms and armoured units. All of them nuclear equipped and capable of independent operation.

We published a link to it before. If you have not seen it, this is mandatory viewing for Vault-Co readers. It is incredibly visionary.

Socialism Proves Socialism Works

Vault-Co Was Here First - Big Bang Bungholed

Greatest astrophysicist in recorded human history
One brilliant Neanderthal Sonofabitch Right There
(See those peculiar waves and cowlicks in the hair,

Men don't go bald in exogamous matriarchies)
The Big Bang never happened.

Quasi-religious pagan rubbish, as said here on Vault-Co a hundred times.

All of modern academia should be stripped naked, forced to run a gauntlet, covered with sackcloth and ashes and then made to crawl on their hands and knees a hundred kilometres in a pilgrimage to Fred Hoyle's grave site, where he has been dug up in advance and his trousers pulled around his ankles lying face down so they can plant a kiss in the crack of his dead ass. It's the least they could do for the greatest astrophysicist of all time, a man they labeled a crank when he was alive. Fred Hoyle was right. The majority got it dead wrong.

So far in the first two decades of the 21st century I have seen substantial proof that nearly every single contrarian view held by Hoyle has since turned out to be uncannily accurate. I read both the mainstream and Hoyle's books twenty years ago and I already knew all of them put together were not smart enough to shine Hoyle's boots.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Leaders" Unqualified For Leadership

Very poor public speaker. Can't handle opposition. Loses his cool under pressure. Definitely signs of early dementia. Acts like he never even thought of a counter to any of these reasonable questions. Responds with emotion when a better leader could defuse the situation with grace. Seems to be unacquainted with the normal tensions that can prevail when conflicting interests compete with different arguments. I would not even say Bernie Sanders is of average intelligence. He is of below-average intelligence and largely unable to articulate his own political agenda.

Just so you know. These melonheads are not supermen. Maybe they once were, thousands of years ago. Today they are inbred, watered-down, feebleminded simpletons often less intelligent than their Saps domesticated animals and almost universally inferior to their former warrior/sentry caste, the Neanderthals. When you have a fool for a leader it is because you are a fool. Saps should take his inferior shepherds and get the hell off the planet, neither of them belongs here. The next Ice Age should weigh in on this debate.

EDIT : One of the sweeping generalisations I have gathered from reading history is that there has never been a slave caste in recorded experience who has not fared much better than their masters in retaining intelligence, acumen, physical strength, agility, innovativeness and the instincts. The Greeks were doing fairly well when the Roman Empire fell (whatever happened to those people, they were replaced by immigrants into Greece today) and the Slavs retained much in the way of quality genes when they escaped their bondage. There are countless other examples. To use slave labor causes great degeneracy in the ruling class almost without exception. After 38,000+ years as a slave caste I reckon this is why the Neanderthals seemed to have emerged sharper than all the other races, some of them certainly smarter and more insightful originally than they are now. The Neanderthals have had to survive as journeymen and skilled labor this entire time, relying completely on their wits when others had circumstance of birth and inherited privileges. Always the outsider, the 'Thals have had to present something they offer that others cannot do and it has kept them keen.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Meat Marionette Rolled Out Against Trump

They must be getting nervous about populist Trump. They rolled out this guy Scott Walker today to great fanfare, they are banging cymbals and marching with bears on Fox News. You'd think the dude had cured cancer the way they go on. He's some non-entity or the other that you've never ever heard of because the decision to boost him only came last week in reaction to polls for Donald Trump. The Koch brothers likely decided this was the best stick puppet they could find in their stable of talking heads.

I was laughing watching the guy talk. He is clearly the phoniest, most insincere person in the race, assuming Ted Cruz wisely gives up and goes back to Canada. Scott's face betrays facetiousness so blatant even his mother is probably ashamed. You can see him trying very poorly to manipulate the crowd with fond platitudes. I've noticed that the candidates are increasingly poorer speakers even when it comes to the usual rhetoric. They lack any grace, rhythm or notion of emphasis nowadays. A short while ago you had to at least be a decent public speaker to run for office. I guess by the time you have lit up the White House with a gay rainbow it just doesn't matter any longer. Competency in anything is a ghost town that anyone can move into and declare themselves Sheriff. This guy will do as well as any other custodial staff before Kwanstainia gets nuked to bedrock.

The most disturbing thing about the Republicans is that they are vouching for his conservative credentials as if anybody really believes the Republicans are conservatives. Like the Democratic party, they are merely an occupational force representing the Knesset to exercise local control over their colony.

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

First good military move Australia has made in thirty years, cancels entire plan

... because it is hard. Wait, Australians are simultaneously the most confident people on Earth and at the same time incapable of organizing the upgrade of its military from its 1975 technology base? That explains why they have the highest rate of suicide for adult males. Narcissists facing their real limitations decide to take the easy way out. Low testosterone is associated with narcissism and suicide, so you draw the conclusions.

Bad news, Australia. Running a nation and providing for its defence is hard. Life is hard. Everything is hard. Especially if you never even try. There's more to life than just arching one eyebrow like Tom Cruise in TOP GUN. A lot more. Tom doesn't always win at naked wrestling. That doesn't stop him from trying hard.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

If Voting Did Any Good It Would Be Made Illegal

Greeks wondering who is actually in charge of their country.

Hint : The New World Order is not about increasing local power of governance. They don't care if anything they do works, they just want to be in charge no matter what happens.

National governance in the West is a disaster. But it could be worse. You could be dumb enough to cede sovereignty to people like these. Then you'd have some problems, alright. Global governance is everything that was ever wrong with government throughout human history except now they'd be too far away for you to even address your grievances to. And that's every psychotic ruler's dream. No accountability and no feedback, forever.

Vault-OS Coming Along

Got AJAX JSON going tonight with pure Lua, nothing but internal tables encoded to JSON. A lot of other infrastructure ported over from prior version. Some technical problems encountered early on been solved.

It is becoming practical to use 3D-printing to create custom appliances for computers.

This will soon be trivial. As always, what really matters is the software that runs on them.

P.S. Chrome browser with all it's built-in tools is ten times better than any other browser for debugging web applications. Add a few plug-ins and you almost have an IDE.

Pray for Global Warming

60% decline in overall solar output by 2030 is an established reality

Apocalyptic cold. Every word of that secret report to the President was gospel.

The government has been telling the public one thing .. and preparing for something entirely different behind closed doors.

I know why they have seized big shipments of dehydrated food at the docks. They need it to stock their own shelters forward. They are aiming for decades of supply.

Apocalyptic cold. Science fiction disaster movie cold. That cold.

Still lying. Admitting to Maunder Minimum. It's much worse.

If you read our blog, you would have known this fifteen years ago.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jade Helm Goes Live Next Week

Jade Helm is almost exactly the same way Cromwell seized England. The Founding Fathers would have recognised the strategy instantly.

There's lot of fun stuff happening this week.

I feel a song coming on.

P.S. Do you want to know why leftists really hate "The Song of the South?" It shows an idyllic utopia where there is no racism and white children treat the black guy who lives next door like extended family. In a world like this, they might have to find honest work.

Friday, July 10, 2015

I Think You Need To See A Doctor About That

They can help you with the power of edjamafacashun and scienmagistics.

Bad medicine.

The most important thing to take note of is the lack of peer review, acceptance of one opinion and a failure of everybody in the supply chain to do anything but participate in milking healthy people into an early grave.

Speaking from personal experience, I have to say I think doctors in general are dangerous psychotic cranks with double digit IQs. Like all priesthoods.