Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Embetterment And Enrichmentation In Real-Time

Good visual chart of the creeping rot from 1990-2014.

Notice all the gun-toting, bible-thumping Christian heartland states are the only ones that appear to still be free of substantial enrichmentation and all the benefits of central socialism and government regulation.

These are the fly-over zones that elites on both east and west coast are always accusing of clinging to "traditional values," but maybe they are really just the last areas with a modicum of sanity on display.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Terminal Madness of the Endtimes Weekly Roundup Edition

Kwanstainia is a third world country. A third world country is a nation without a middle class. Kwanstainians are the most hopelessly enslaved because they think themselves free when they are in fact hopelessly enslaved. Every single thing their ancestors left them has been stolen right out from under their noses in broad daylight.

This is like that thing Vault-Co was talking about. For the past ten years. Vault-Co was right. Others were emphatic and yet wrong. My ideas were predictive. Their ideas never predicted anything. Which of these two sets of ideas do you think was closer to the reality?

Third world countries persecute their own citizens as an internal enemy on behalf of their constituents, the wealthy. The Constitution forbids standing armies but the Constitution got shredded and burned a long, long time ago. Governments are uniquely positioned to kill and murder their own citizens, being capable of passing laws to make them as defenceless as possible.

I can remember growing up at how I was seemingly the only person who cared about the original law of the United States. Others shrugged. They were too advanced for all that. They thought so, anyhow. They will see the error of their ways, unfortunately it will be too late to matter.

Governments, since they control the judges, the courts and the lawyers, can arrange for special protection for criminals that otherwise they would not have. Like the mob brags, they never lose a case because they have a personal relationship with all the people standing behind the law.

Governments can manufacture enemies to keep their own populations terrorised with and to provide a cover story for the atrocities they inflict on their own citizens.

The flesh of the children of their citizens is their meat and potatoes, whether as sexual slaves or soldiers to fight their wars. Governments need the life force of children to sustain their evil. There is always a demand for more sex slaves and soldiers.

When freedom of speech outlives its usefulness, it is simply taken away. You are free to speak what you are told you can speak about. Which is nothing. There is already a culture like this. It is called Islam. They have published about 4 books in 1000 years, all of which are about Islam. They have no innovations to speak of in over 1000 years. They have no more access to clean drinking water than they had 1000 years ago, even with Western assistance.

With no freedom of speech, evil men are free to weave fantastic tales of madness and absurdity without being contradicted by anyone else.

As any farmer knows, when you have a surplus of domesticated beasts you can no longer put to a plow or who offer no additional value no matter how they are squeezed, you must cull the herd. It is nothing to rid oneself of spare beasts that have no further use.

Barack Obama, President of Kwanstainia
(Note NWO Superstar Satanist T-Shirt)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Socialism Always Cheapens Human Life

It is the politics of scarcity and shrinking resources and entropy and death.

If you get socialist medicine, sooner or later the doctor gets around to explaining to you that some animals are more equal than others. It would not be a waste of money if you were an important person like a politician or a wealthy executive or a lawyer or a doctor. Seeing as how you are a peasant, you cannot expect the State to spend much to keep you alive. Talk to your doctor about how you would like to be eased out of your misery.

Good News For Polar Bears

Everything that globowarmthinkery has ever said is a lie.

It is bad news for the sheeple who were dumb enough to believe the things they heard on televitz.

All declining civilisations reach their Waterloo. This arbitrary timing with the end of the Holocene is a very, very bad coincidence if you are an atheist, a harbinger of the wrath of God if you are a Christian.

I'm a half century old and I have never heard the truth promoted by the majority or ever found it in the consensus. It is the foremost principle of the scientific method and that is why the bulk of mankind will never understand it. It runs counter to the way they make decisions about the world.

Implants Voluntary First, Mandatory Soon After

Anybody who thinks a secular society is going to reject this tech is living in a dream world.

Once 51% of the sheeple have them by choice, the remaining 49% will get them by force.

Like vaccines, the option is made mandatory by simply requiring it in other contexts. Notice how convenient that militant atheism was cultivated in this generation just in time to fulfill biblical prophecy.

This has been written about before with much greater insight.

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
Revelation 13:16-17

“If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.”
Revelation 14:9,10

“No one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”
Revelation 13:17,18

Friday, August 29, 2014

VOS Work Progressing … Slowly

Only have time to work on it at night for an hour or so.

I have basically rewritten the entire codebase in the last three months and gotten it to compile with Open Watcom to Windows 32, Win 3.1, Linux, DOS, Free BSD all in super generic ANSI C.

I used a lot of the existing code fragments I have demoed screens from up here except I now have the PHP processor compiled into the source. The page content is now created in PHP some of which is also compiled into the executable.

I have realised after examining my previous effort that my message format should be ASN.1 passed to every device for everything that is SCADA related. This permits tiny, minuscule devices to call the VOS web server and to received control messages from it in real-time. The AJAX calls can return JSON, SOAP XML or raw hex for ASN.1 but this way I can define the messages all in one central format and eliminate lots of redundancy. Since I also found a 3K ASN.1-to-Javascript decoder I can use these messages inside client web page logic where needed.

This is what I have compiled into a 1.2 megabyte executable, standalone, no file structure and no support files required (other than optional .INI configuration) :

(Everything below on the client side is aimed at ancient browsers HTML 1.1)

  1. Full featured web server supporting Websockets protocol and UPNP broadcasting 
  2. PHP processor
  3. SQLite Multithreaded
  4. Mailslot Manager (cross platform IPC for daemons running on server to monitor devices)
  5. ASN.1 Message Factory
  6. ASN.1 Javascript Decoder
  7. Code 39 Barcode printer Javascript
  8. Cuecat Barcode Reader Javascript
  9. JQuery 1.9 (Javascript compatible with IE 5.5 for very old thin clients costing $1.00)
  10. JQuery UI
  11. JQuery Sparklines (Single line of real-time monitoring data fits into table row)
  12. JQuery Real-Time Clock and Scheduler (Common shows on all VOS pages)
  13. JQuery Formbuilder (w/PHP interface!)
  14. JQuery Terminal (Console window)
  15. Raphael Vector Graphics Library (Javascript compatible with IE 5.5 W/VML or SVG)
  16. Raphael SVG Importer Library ((Javascript compatible with IE 5.5)
  17. Raphael SCADA Display Control Library (Full suite of gauges, switches, signals and dials)
  18. Raphael "Maphael" Library supporting intelligent maps and diagrams with backend
  19. Cross Platform Character Terminal UI (Fully decoupled, runs as optional monitor)

These will be the pages that come built-in to the executable the instant it is run :

  1. Inventory management with barcoding and tracking
  2. Calendar management with integration with all other modules including jobs and work orders
  3. Personnel management with security levels and access definitions
  4. Medical management with individual checkup records
  5. Diagrams and Maps display editor 
  6. SCADA displays to monitor and control all shelter devices connected to same network
  7. Custom logic to process commands to devices for custom uses and scheduling in-app
  8. Job management for repairs, maintenance and work orders
  9. Full memex library with terabyte archiving of reference manuals and full-text search and soundex
  10. Instant cloud recognition and communication through UPNP with any other VOS nodes
I solved an interesting problem last night - how do you create a cross-browser, cross-platform audio alert signal that sounds on a VOS page, no matter what page it is, when an important alert, warning or emergency condition arises? I figured out how to do it with a 1K midi file and a cross-browser META tag that works on everything going back to Netscape 4.0 when it was the hottest browser in town.

When I get on top of this my real dream is to have a built-in LCARS themed interface as a default for all screens. This will require some greater familiarity with the limitations and speed of Raphael as an interface library to implement. Chances are VOS will be released before this happens but it is a good upgrade path for V2.0 and I might even make a Kickstarter campaign out of it.

Final Days Of The 'Stain Are Coming

The Kwa and her people will get exactly the wages they have earned.

When the government promises you they will tax the other guy, you are breaking the tenth commandment.

When you envy your neighbor's possessions you mistake it for self-righteousness. When you authorize the government to take property from some and give it to others you think you are Robin Hood but all that happens is that the government ends up run by robbers and hoods. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, Kwanstainian, the bell tolls for thee.

When America ceased to be good, she ceased to be great. She ceased to be prosperous and healthy and vibrant and free.

When you believed that the government can redress wrongs by forcing unequal treatment of some and not others you were contributing to the decay. It is the classic arc of decline, collapse, dissolution and annihilation.

Robert Welch and the John Birch society were right. About everything.

China : America Has Lost Face, The Sick Man Of The World

This is ripe talk for a third world war. It is a classic challenge by the new hegemon to the old toothless tiger that has preceded it.

The Kwanstain likes to tell itself this is 1963, Kennedy is still alive and they have a bright future.

It is the year 2014, Kennedy was assassinated in an inside job and the Kwa has no future at all.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hyperinflation Holodomor

Kwanstainia is set to embark on interesting times.

Very interesting.

You know all those nuts on DOOMSDAY PREPPERS that people love to yuck it up about? Someday soon even the sheeple are going to realize those are the smartest human beings they ever saw in their lives.

The coming hyperinflation is going to make Weimar look like a tough game of Monopoly in comparison. You're not going to need a wheelbarrel of Z-Bux to buy a loaf of bread because the wheelbarrel is going to cost ten truckloads of funny money and that is just as a downpayment with weekly installments of another truckful on Fridays. People will stuff money into their mattresses not as a way of hiding it from the banks but as a way to soften their beds because they can't afford a new mattress.

(Link courtesy of Vault-Co reader)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You Will Always Hear It First On Vault-Co

We began to blog about it in 2002 when it was considered paranoid lunacy.

It is a subject on which we are no more or less accurate than all the other subjects we have blogged about.

We are informed first. Then we form ideas based on the information we have taken in. Sounds simple. The other 99.9999999% of mankind operate according to completely different principles and are radically different from the people they pretend to be.

Psychotics like to play horrible games of chess with other psychotics using human beings as the pieces on the board. Now at long last after thousands of years of disappointment at human foibles they can finally play with the perfect pieces they always dreamed of. They simply command the piece to move and they don't have to feed, barrack or furlough it. This is why this development in warfare is inevitable. It is also inevitable that with this development the capacity for atrocity increases a millionfold. No longer will their chess pieces have consciences or refuse to fire on their own countrymen or complain when ordered to exterminate women and children.

Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics were extremely visionary in seeing what limits would have to be placed on robots for them to be used sanely. Unfortunately this isn't a science fiction story we are living in.

Merck Executive Orchestrated The Coverup

Read here. Breaking on CNN.

It is starting to break wide open now.

They need to put the thumbscrews into the low rung people until they squeal about their bosses.

This is like Jimmy Savile except in North America, it is colossal in scope.

Are There Any Children In Britain Left Unmolested?

Let's see a show of hands of people who would like to see the United Nations change "Britain" on all their international maps to "Baby Buggery Island" instead. That is more appropriate.

This isn't what British men fought and died for in World War Two. If they found out what would happen in the half century after the war, they would have all thrown down their arms and defected to the German side in a single day. Sorry but you know it is true. None of those men was fighting for this. Would have been better if Von Braun had put a nuke on the end of one of the V-2s and turned the entire land mass into a water-filled crater. At least then the British would have perished with their dignity intact. To think that more than ten thousand years of continuous inhabitation of the British Isles has ended this way is to despair.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bardarbunga Is Day After Tomorrow

(Here a group of helicopter pilots so ashamed to be British they switch to German in their death throes as the superstorm puts them in cold storage for glaciation.)

Hyperbaric Supercells That Freeze The British Solid In Their Tracks

Now you know why eruptions are associated with Ice Ages. They are trigger events for a planet that is already cold from a dormant Sun. All it takes is a nudge for the climate to toggle over into a Grand Minimum.

Britain has spent years preparing itself for global warming as warned a decade ago on Vault-Co and is totally unprepared for this. With most of their fuel transport on trucks instead of rails (as in the past) a million pensioners will die in their flats without anyway to heat them. The roads will be impassable and so many elderly people who need daily assistance will lack heat, food and water. The last snap most ancient plumbing systems in Britain froze solid and some pensioners were having to melt snow to get drinking water. That of course requires fuel and short of burning down their own houses they will not have any.

The Thames will freeze up blocking emergency relief coming in on boats and even if they could dock there will be no way to go from ship to rail and then to British homes where it will be needed. A real cluster when the time comes, watch and see. We've been telling you this on Vault-Co for over a decade.

Globalists Show Their Hand

... and Barry Soetoro shows his true colors. Red.

None dare call it treason except the Constitution of the United States.

If Barry goes ahead with this and they don't begin impeachment proceedings, you need to stop believing their good cop/bad cop fake dichotomy. It will be obvious they are all in it together and they should all leave office together, incumbents one and all. It doesn't matter which party they claim to belong to. If they don't impeach you need to vote out any incumbent currently in office. They are all a bunch of traitors, each and every single one of them.

This is a good sign because it is an act of desperation. Conceding they can't get the votes for this anti-rational garbage has driven them to offer Barry some kind of deal if he tries to wedge it in there before he leaves.

Barry is a real citizen of the world. Unfortunately, he is not and never was a citizen of the United States. Now you know why the Founding Fathers put that requirement in there. They were right and everyone else was wrong. This man is a bolshevist Manchurian candidate and he knows this is his last chance to serve his real masters.

They're coming to getcha!

In their post-production minivan, hurling cans of diet sprite!

Luckily, you are more likely to die from merciful police gunfire long before the terrorists get to you.

Snow Still On Streets In August In CA

That's called an Ice Age, fellows. It is the start of glaciation.

Good luck with all that.

My Next Home

I would love to discover this when I went downstairs to clean up the basement.

If I was that guy I would not have told anybody. The excavation all done for you in advance.

This guy doesn't know a stroke of luck when it hits him.

Monday, August 25, 2014

BOOM Matrix Just Blew Up You Don't Even Need To Take The Red Pill

Biggest conspiracy to commit scientific fraud in modern history

Oh, man, the lawsuits. You can smell 'em coming. Open and shut case. Anybody with a child who developed autism is going to sue these people until their eyes and nose and mouth bleed money. The court cases are going to each be ten minutes long and a jury is going to find for the plaintiff in every case because it is that obvious now.

Tuskegee Experiment is nothing compared to this.

I wish to God every single black American with children went out to get a lawyer. Right now. You're going to win and you're going to win big. Screw these people so badly they are left in a pickle barrel and then seize the barrel as an undeclared asset.



This is a crime against mankind and it warrants a Nuremberg for doctors. They need to bring back public hangings in these trials to make an example out of the people involved. What they did destroyed more human beings than any other atrocity or genocide of the past century. The governments that were complicit in these crimes should be abolished in the next general elections and replaced with all new political parties that represent the interests of warm blooded mammals.

Australians, do you have any idea how badly your Yank buddies f*cked you? They f*cked you so hard you have no feeling left in your a**hole. Did you know that when those worst mercury containing vaccines had to be phased out that they dumped all their stocks on Australia despite knowing they were totally unsafe to use on your children over the last twenty years? Aussie, the worst part is you have been f*cked so hard by your Yank friends that you are loopy and you love the Yanks now. You think they are your friends. The way the Yank medical industry did this country you wouldn't do to a dog. They dumped poisonous mercury vaccines on your population because your government was dumb enough to purchase them and enforce their use. You wouldn't do a dog the way the Australians got done. You got ripped off, scammed over two decades and left with a population of autistic children. You were owned. When will you learn that you never trust a Yank, Aussies? You never trust a Yank. Yanks are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning. The Yanks are the dirtiest, most corrupted nation on the planet since the late Roman Empire. Anything that a Yank tells you is a good idea you can safely assume is a really bad idea. Never, ever trust these people or anything they say.

Now you can ban aspartame because it is pretty much the exact same story. It's a poison and it is in all your food because the Yanks told you it was safe to eat and you believed them. Like vaccines, it is just another dumb thing the Yanks dumped on you. Is there anything the Yanks can't sell you?

The European Union Is A Totalitarian Regime

Russia explains why the European Union is an exercise in self-destruction for Europeans.

The European Union was not a democratically created institution. It was a stealth wolf that crept up on Europe in lamb's wool and achieved an effective coup over national sovereignty through harmless sounding measures they managed to get individual governments to pass outside of referendums. By the time people realised what was happening, they discovered it was too late to get out. Where Hitler failed the marxists succeeded in conquering Europe through gradual advances of power. It is a pyrrhic victory and will last just long enough to ruin Europe. It is against human nature and squarely against basic instincts.

The beasts behind the EU don't know history. People won't fight and sacrifice for anti-life draconian tyrants who seek to elevate gay marriage as the highest good over the traditional family unit and child rearing. Civilizations are founded for the purpose of organising security for women and children more effectively than any individual man could accomplish and once they stop serving that purpose they rapidly fall apart for lack of interest. No amount of rhetoric will ever change that.

The EU is just another Tower of Babel for a group of people who are always trying to build them. It won't last any longer than it took for all the previous Towers of Babel to fall. Some people just never learn. Deep down they have a desire to build these towers and they learn nothing from precedent.

Today Is Rob Schneider Day At Vault-Co

I regret not seeing THE ANIMAL now, Rob. You're the best.

Read. THREE HUNDRED FIFTY PERCENT. Buried. We don't make this stuff up. We just link to these stories, that is all. Oh, Lucee, you gotta lotta 'splainin to do.

This is bigger than one buried scientific study. This just wrecked the entire vaccine industry worldwide. Cat's outta the bag. Somebody around here has been doing an awful lot of bold-faced lying for an awful long time.

If I was a black father in America, I'd literally have steam blowing from my ears. My eyeballs would be bubbling in their sockets from the rage generated heat in my brain. I don't know about the Simi Valley verdict or Ferguson or Watts. If a riot broke out over this, it would be the first time I would understand the motivation completely. If I read tomorrow in the paper that overnight a million black men had converged on the CDC and burned it to the ground, I'd think, "Well, you knew that was coming. Can't really say I blame 'em, honestly. F*ck'em. That must be why the birds were singing so loudly this morning and the sky was so blue. The CDC got burned down to the foundation overnight."