Monday, May 4, 2015

MINIX 3 : Designed For A Vault?

I have been watching this one for a while.

I have my current VOS build running in a VirtualBox with this OS and it is pretty fantastic for reliability. It definitely runs better than the other VirtualBox with FreeDOS.

There are a lot of ARM boards that seem to run really well with this, another reason it is a strong candidate.

Another big reason is that it has a modern HTML browser that can be run to link to localhost. FreeDOS only supports a simple text interface monitor for the server when it is running, you have to actually run a browser on another machine to connect in. I do this on VirtualBox no problem but deployed on a real machine it could be seen as a huge inconvenience.

UPDATE : I forgot to mention, it is also stocked with quite a few critical document viewers for things like .PDF and .RTF, critical to the memex library of searchable documents in Vault-OS. Another thing you probably won't see in FreeDOS any time soon.  One installation would be a complete web server and workstation together.

P.S. The real challenge would be to get this running on a cheap thin client like an Evo T30, a computer you can usually pick up for one dollar on EBay plus S&H to send it. Since the Evo T30 runs FreeDOS you should be able to get this working on it as well. These thin clients often have specifications and MTBF that far exceed custom grade military spec computer boards. They are built to be tough and "just work" forever.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Personality Cults and Loss of the Martial Virtues

Dr. Jim Penman, possibly the smartest lawncare man in the history of mankind, from RMIT Melbourne

The parallels between Rome at 100 B.C. and Britain in 2015 A.D. are too numerous to list.

Even the desire or impulse to do remarkable things has gone missing in the past two or three generations. Like all last generations, convinced they are the most informed when they are in fact the least. The little things that add up to a man's habits are not found in them and it is these habits that produce problem solvers.

I always believed the Byzantine Empire was more about nostalgia and epilogue than the founding of a society to replace Rome. It was where all the sad survivors ended up under the banner of Constantine.

BIOHISTORY by Jim Penman. I'm getting a copy this weekend.

The only thing special about Vault-Co, that distinguishes our conclusions from anybody else is that we believe this will all end in thermonuclear, biological and chemical warfare. Others tend to believe it will end in a slow grind back to the Dark Ages. We don't think that is the way that the West will go out.

(Tipped off by Vault-Co reader)

Trust "Cracked" Magazine To Actually Get Some Parts Right

This is the best article I have seen on the internet describing some of the traits of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

When a satirical publication gets more of the facts right than mainstream scientists in the popular media you know you are living in a declining society.

Notice how the instant you find out some of the real facts you start to come to the same conclusions we drew many years ago at Vault-Co.

Particularly poignant are the points outlining the trouble that people with Aspergers Syndrome have practicing complex social deceptions in groups to get their way. That is exactly the kind of personality you'd expect to emerge from a million years at a couple hundred degrees below zero. No real leeway for bullsh*tting in that gene pool. Just stick to the information or you can freeze to death in five minutes.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Piping Hot Fresh Soylent Green

All socialist "health" care ends the same way, sooner or later.

Kwanstainian News Flash

Usual crap. Currently several performing primate circuses on tour in major cities.

Improvamentation keeps on improvamenting.

No link. Not important enough to warrant one.

Keep trying the same approach and expect different results.

The Black Hole Between Western Science's Ears

Chinese found another one of "those" dinosaurs.

Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Sciences found the fossils, discovered in Hebei Province, indicated the dinosaur (fowl) was small, covered in feathers and possessed a large bone extending from its forearms – appearing to support a wing.
Right, you mean like a "bird" or something. Except not.

This is wild. My dogs are chasing "dinosaurs" in the backyard right now! Call for a scienmagist!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Black Hole Between His Ears

Hawkings Yawkin' 'Bout The Usual Drivel

Holograms make it more scienmajistical. I thought an appearance by the Teletubbies would've made it perfect.

Wait, humans are violent and aggressive?!? Stop the presses! I take it all back, it was worth the money to keep this Luftmensche in cheap liquor and hookers if he figured that out all by himself.

Tenth generation. They think anything is scienmagistical if its got like ... lasers n'stuf. All I need to win a Nobel nowadays is a mirrored disco ball, pocket laser pointer and a white lab coat.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Citrato - Soft Drinks In A Dry Stable Medium!

Got some of this stuff at the organic grocer's yesterday - it is incredible!

No need for seltzer bottles, syrup or refrigeration!

It comes in dry crystals and mostly consists of some authentic lemon flavouring, sugar, glucose and sodium citrate. Bubbles up just like a soft drink in water.

I would bet that if this was stored in a dry, cool environment it would last a long, long time.

Apparently Europeans in Italy and France have been drinking this stuff for decades and it seems to be good for you! According to the label it has only a couple grams of carbs, nothing compared to the 32 grams in a can of coke!

In a sane world, this would be manufactured specifically for shelters and sealed in airtight cans.

I am going to see if I can source this stuff in big bags to transfer into mylar containers with oxygen absorbers. This stuff would be as good for morale as chocolate over the long haul.

Handmade Soap, The Scourge Of Bathroom Hygiene

We will all be better off when legislation ends the millennia old nightmare of handmade soaps.

Lye and soda ash? That stuff sounds dangerous. Here, rub this phthalate benzoate lotion on, it will protect you.

The Holocene Is OVER. Back to Business as Usual.

A cascade of destructive earthquakes that would level most of the planet.

Even as plates lock and slow when the magnetic field waxes, so they must slip and give away when it wanes.

Of course, this big resumption of tectonic activity is always accompanied by supervolcano eruptions.

When this thing blows it will be an extinction event. Get a Vault.

Castration By Conquering Armies of Barbarians

A practice in ancient times was for invaders to castrate children to genocide them but to allow them to grow up to appreciate the horrifying fate given to them.

The conquerors of the West are also seeking to castrate children as an expression of their power and the complete submission of the population. It is barbaric cruelty to prove they can steal away any promise of a future for that race. The final act of the hegemon is not only to steal everything you ever had or will have but also to steal what you might have had or could have had. This is the final act of improvamentation, a fate worse than death itself.

Thought and speech controls on anyone who suggests chopping off children's d*cks might be anything but a wunnerful wunnerful doubleplus-good practice.

Signed GSK Document Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

Well circulated behind closed doors, forbidden for the public to even hear about.

You might reconsider if you had access to the facts. Therefore, the facts will not be made available to you.

No Charges Filed On Baby Buggery Island

Remember, they are as startled as you are by all these revelations but nevertheless the ironclad rule says no charges are filed against murderous, monstrous pedophiles in Britain until they are dead.

This is what passes for the rule of the law in the nation formerly known as "Britain."

As I detailed in this previous post on Vault-Co, the law for Melonheads and the law for the slave castes have always been different. Essentially, Melonheads cannot be considered to have broken the law no matter what they do in regards to the slave castes. At most, they can be fined or cautioned. As "Lord" Janner discovered.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Those Sunday Supplements From 1964 Predicted All of This

A geopolitical cauldron, an atomic powder keg with a weak America and no civil defence program.

Walking home from work today I had the strangest notion.

I wondered if I had gone into a coma when I was 9 years old and had dreamed this entire life.

How else could you explain the eerie parallels over fifty years to those garish Sunday Supplements I would read describing how America would be destroyed by a surprise atomic attack in some far-flung future? The only explanation is that in my coma I would be creating this life from my subconscious and it would all be a creepy John Birch story that ended with the United States destroyed from within first and then from without by her enemies.

It has all been a little too much like the feverish reverie of a 9 year old boy exposed to a few too many books like NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON or THE REDS IN THE ROOSEVELT ADMINISTRATION.

There is another possibility other than all of this being my coma-dream. The possibility is that all the authors of those books were visionary and more rational than the entire American population. That would explain why nearly everything they predicted has come to pass. So I'm not in a coma and this is no dream for if it were it would almost certainly be a nightmare.

Incidentally, the cartoon above was the first image ever linked to a blog post on the original Vault-Co "1.0" well over a decade ago. How things have changed since then. The irony has lessened and the image has begun to make more sense now than ever. It is kind of the visual icon of Vault-Co.

Keep Voting

Notice how vaccine exemptions came under fire in Canada, America, Britain and Australia all within one week of concerted activity by executives in all those governments.

Your taxes pay for it all, they let you vote so you think you have some control over your life but at the end of the day it is Lord Rothschild scribbling a note on a table napkin that determines the legislation introduced in your nation. The flesh puppet quislings in government pretending you elected them answer only to the NWO and the citizens are just cattle that yield revenues at the end of the day.

Keep voting for socialists and people promising the economy is a big pie and they will cut you a piece that is bigger than everybody else's. Look how good it has worked out so far.

Getting the NWO Army together to enforce the napkin treaties.

When they start to strip off your fake rights, they will move very quickly, good old Bill Cooper used to tell the world on his shortwave radio broadcast. Whatta lunatic conspiracy nut. The government shot him in the back sitting in his driveway in his car.

News That Will Make Your Day

The clown is riding out in his little toy car. People aren't eating this crap anymore.

That's what you get for serving customers chicken nuggets dipped in shellac.

See ya. Life is hard but it is bound to get a little better when Ronald drinks himself to death in a cheap flophouse after getting the news they got bought out by Hungry Jack.

John Deere And Josef Stalin : Only The State Can "Own" Things

American farmers quite stunned to discover they never owned their tractors, they are merely driving them on behalf of John Deere.

I wish I was making this stuff up. The thing is, if I made it up it would be more believable than the real news that I didn't make up.

The world is a museum of marxist failures. That won't stop people from trying it again and again … each time more furiously, convinced if they shed enough rivers of blood they can get it to stick.

… and … SCENE! Lower Curtains.

A CIA Drone killed another fake pretend Arabesque type today according to Barry Soetoro.

Implies there may be genuine ones out there they are also gunning for.

Gadahn's take on an Ayatollah was better than any scene in a Golan Globus film, with better production values. It is good to know the drones are out there killing fake actors with fake bullets and fake blood. The fake terrorist menace is fading fast against the fake drones.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

ITZ in the Works?

2015 looks like interesting times.

There's something going on. It's big. Not entirely clear what it is going to be yet.

Watch this. I have always believed the Kwanstain was Mystery Babylon.